My job

I hope one day I want to become a physician assistants. Job responsibilities. skills and education. Job outlook.

Job responsibilities. Prescribe medicine. Examine patients. Diagnose a patients injury or illness

Skills and education. Bachelor’s degree. License. problems-solution skills.

Job outlook. Projected to grow 31 percent from 2018 to 2028. More population mean more healthcare services. Outpatient care centro and i will get pay $115,560 per year.

I want to become one of them. I will prescribe medicine, get a license. Get pay $115,560. I wish i get to be on of then one day.


I think we should rename a school after Cesar Chavez. He help Latinos to have the right to vote. He continued to working for the conditions of migrants farmers ensure that they were being treated right to also be paid fairly.


This essay will compare and contrast Tessie and Katniss. Tessie and Katniss are the same because they both live in a dystopian. Tessie is okay with the lottery, but Katniss hates the lottery. They are also different about how they treat their family.

Tessie and katniss both live in a dystopian. They both have a lottery in their story. The government makes them do it. Someone get kill.

Tessie dosen´t really care about the lottery, but Katniss hates to her the word lottery. Katniss said ¨and I´m feeling nauseous and so desperate hoping that it´s no me¨. That shows that Katniss does not wanna be in the lottery. Tessie feels fine about the if they do not pick her.

Their also different the way they treat their family. When Katniss family was pick she volunteer. Katniss said ¨i volunteer¨ I gasp ¨I volunteer. However, when Tessie´s family was picked, Tessie said do not me take my daughter.

This was all about how Katniss and Tessie they are the same and different. Katniss hated this stuff and how she try to perfect her family and how Tessie did not care about the lottery or her family. That is how this character are the same way and different the other way.

How will I think the world will end.

This is how I predict that the world will end, by killing the environment. I think that the world is coming to it´s end. We are trowing plastic away that we can recycle. We are not cleaning our world were we step the ocean are full of plastic and trash that us the humans are trowing every day. a lot of the animal are dying because we are killing their home.

My New Year Goals

In the next year I want to change three things in my life. My fist thing I want to eat less, I´m getting a little fat. My second thing is that I want to get better at Language Arts, I really have bad grades. The last thing is to change my personality with some people


The first thing I´ll do it to stop eating a lot. I´m always eating in class. Then people talk all the time about me because i don´t stop eating. I even think I´m getting heavy.


The second thing is to get better at Language Arts. I have really bad grades. I need to read more. I need to study more because that help more.


The last thing I´m go to do is to change my personality. I´m going to be more peaceful. I´m going smile more. I will ignore people that are annoying.


So in the next year I want to change this three thing in my life.

Happy thanksgiving

I am thankful for my teachers

They make things easy

I see that they want me to get good grades

I love wen they help me

I am thankful for my teachers

I feel happy wen i”m with them

I wonder if their always going to be their for me 

I try to make the happy

I can thanks them for being my friends

I am thankful for my friends

I know they are mean to me but they are funny to

I understand they sometime they don’t like me but i don’t care

i’m fortunate because they are really funny

I dream that wen we grow up they are still funny

The lottery

Based on the word and actions of Old  men  Warner in Shirley Jackson’s story the The Lottery i think he is mad about the lottery.”Some places have quit lotteries” Mrs. Adams said. “Nothing but trouble in that” old men Warner said stoutly. “Pack of young fools”.Old man Warner is mad/some people want to end the old mean Warner feels like not ending the lottery.

A world with peace

I want a world with races.

I think we shouldn’t have language,because people make fun of other for not talking the same language .No one talks to you, and they think you’r wired.

I think we shouldn’t have presidents.It makes people be worried about what are they going to do. People get poor because they get more biles. They put rules that some people don’t like.

I think we shouldn’t be races. People feel like they don’t fit in. They don’t like being outside. And people make fun of them.

I hope for world peace. I think we shod wet ride of races. I wish for no more races.




🎉🎉Party 🎉🎉

If we have a party after school I think we shod wach a movie and eat popcorn.we can wach sad movies or depressing movies .we can bring our blankets and a small pillow and we can sare if our friends iv the don’t have a pillow or a blanket.